Ellsworth ASsembly of God

Come as you are - Dare to change

We are people loving God and others. 

We are centrally located in Ellsworth, Maine, just off the path to beautiful Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island. We welcome you to join us for worship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of church is Ellsworth Assembly? 

A great church! We have a casual atmosphere and value transparency and honesty over appearance and formality. We are dedicated to living for God according to His Word, the Bible.

I don't attend church, what can I expect when I come? 

Drive in the parking lot and park. (If you need valet service, or help with diaper bags or a wheelchair, etc., just drive up to the entrance walkway and an usher will assist you.) As you enter the building an usher will hand you a bulletin with some information on it. Make yourself at home--easy to find are the restrooms, coat room, coffee, tea, and bottled water—no charge. 

You may chat with people in the foyer until service time, or go into the sanctuary which doubles as a multi-purpose room. Sit wherever you like. Feel free to take your drink or water bottle into the service. 

The service will start with some songs and announcements. Then the kids are off to Kid's Church. (They may stay with you, or you may attend Kid's Church with them. See Kid's Church for more info.) We will receive an offering, (see below), and the pastor or a guest will teach from the Bible. A time of prayer may follow, and sometimes anyone in the congregation will share about what God is doing in their life. 

Will I be expected to put money in an offering

No. It is for those who are active in attending and supporting the church. The ushers will come forward and pass a velvet bag with handles on it-- just pass it along to the next person. There is no pressure at all. 

Do I need to wear a dress...a neck tie, etc.? 


Do you make visitors stand up to be greeted or put a name tag on them? 


Will people frown at my tattoos/piercings/multi-color hair/etc.?


What's the music like? 

We have a number of teams that rotate and lead the music part of our service. It varies as to style-- from contemporary to folk to traditional to hymns to country to slide guitar blues. It might be just a guitar and cahone, or it might be a team with keys, drums, bass, and guitars. 

What is a church? Sounds kinda' boring.

“Church” means “called out ones”. It is not a building or organization. Yes, we meet in a building, and have some organization, but the church are those in relationship with God through Jesus Christ. As God is everywhere present and the Creator, when we come together he is there-- and His presence is not boring, but always new, like a new creation. 

What is your take on the whole marriage debate?

For us there is no debate as we humbly seek to live out God's Word. Marriage is a covenant (agreement) between a man, a woman, and God. 

May I attend if I have a record of child molestation or am a registered sex offender? 

As to those with a record of child molestation, no. However, we can direct you to churches who have no children attending. As to registered sex offenders, we reserve the right to consider exceptional cases. However, our answer is almost universally “no” due to our need for absolute safety for those who attend. Again, we can direct you to ministries where you will be welcome. 

I like your sanctuary, can I use it or rent it for a wedding/reception/gathering?

Yes, if you are a member or in regular attendance and meet membership qualifications. We regret that we must say “no” to all others due to increased liability exposure. 

Do you have a nursery where I can leave my baby/toddler?

Yes. The nursery is well-staffed during during the Bible teaching part of our service. Prior to that is the music part of the service. For that time, most people like to have their children in the service. Our small nursery is for nursing mothers with infants, the larger for the toddlers. 

Can I bring my baby/toddler into the sanctuary for service?

Yes. However, if the baby is becoming a distraction as the scriptures are taught, we ask you to take the baby to the nursery. 

Will you pay my mortgage/heating bill/electrical bill/motel bill/etc.?

We get a lot of phone calls asking for money. We do not do “general assistance” for Hancock County. If you are part of this fellowship or are connected to people already in the fellowship, we may. We do have requirements for those helped.