Learn To Make Storm Windows

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Read this carefully, it will make sense.  Feel free to give us a call at 207-667-8998 if you need to look at these to get an idea of what they are.

Measure where they fit:

These storm panels go on the inside of your windows, so that is what you need to measure for.  Note: if you have window treatments on the inside of the openings, see if there is room between the shade/blind and the window.  These panels are only ¾” thick, but you’ll need a little more room than that for them to fit.  

What to write down:

Measure the inside height and width of the window opening, where the frame is going to fit.  If you have double-hung windows that are more than 45” tall, also measure from the bottom of the opening to the top of the center rail where the windows meet.  (This is for a center cross piece, needed for windows over 45” tall.)

These measurements, especially for height and width, need to be accurate, so get some help if you need it.  Measure twice. 

For first time builders, you will probably only get one or two built your first time.  We suggest doing your coldest windows first.


Check for square ness by measuring your diagonals (from corner to corner) or using a carpenter’s square. They should be within a quarter of an inch of each other.  (If they are quite off, build window to smallest size and then use extra weather-stripping for edges.)


__ your window measurements

__ if you have it, a cordless screwdriver or drill.  (We do have one for every table, but at times they are charging.)

__ suggested donation > our cost is $1.10 per square foot of insert (extra donations will be used to help others)

For those that build your own click here for materials & suppliers list:

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